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020 is a search engine directory for London, working for London’s businesses and general public, encompassing lifestyle, community and business needs.

Visitors to 020 are using the Internet because they are looking to buy a product or engage a service; 020 lists businesses that can meet this need. On just one page we supply a time saving choice of suppliers or services, giving a brief description, contact details, map directions and direct website links to each.


In 2001 with the aim to list all websites which are useful to London and its communities, our award winning design and development team built 020 from the ground up. We didn’t just re-work an existing database and make it available on the internet, which is why 020 is much easier to use and generates quicker results than its competitors.

We trialled the service and started to improve it in 2002, and implemented our selling strategy in 2004. In June 2005 we secured funding to allow us to drive our business on to the next level and further expand the database – currently (January 2014) running at 80,000+ entries.


020 employ its own SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) specialist to make 020 search engine and visitor friendly. This means we are working full-time at driving traffic from all the leading search engines to our site – 020.co.uk – and ensuring that it is visitor friendly, as the visitor experience is crucial to our success. Our efforts have resulted in 020 delivering relevant sites to visitors and qualified leads for businesses.

We achieve in excess of 100,000 referrals from Google every month, as well as many thousands from Yahoo! Bing etc… Why? Because we deliver relevant results for London.

However, the majority of our visitors still come directly to 020.co.uk. One out of every two visits to 020 each month is a repeat visitor. In the past year 020 staff have personally spoken to or emailed the many thousands of businesses within the London area.

020 is the numeric phone code for London, and as such is used, seen and heard on a daily basis many times over. Our easily recognisable domain name, www.020.co.uk, with its 3 numerical digits 020*, says London, which we intend to fully utilise and build into a recognised leading London brand.