Back links Boost Credibility!

Google likes to show the highest quality results every time a particular subject is searched for. Back links boost credibility to allow this to happen.

If a retailer has a back link profile with inbound links from other bloggers and news sites, they instantly appear more credible.  If others in their industry are linking to their content, we can believe they are doing something right.

However, if a retailer for clothes was to fill their back link profile with links from pet shops and education supplies, it would have the opposite effect.

Google would not believe you to be credible.

Remember: Google uses back links to determine your online reputation.  Collecting any random back links from any place you can get your hands on, especially if it’s not relevant, won’t do you any favours. In fact, it could have the opposite effect.

Google doesn’t naturally trust a website that isn’t getting traffic. But it views sites which get lots of traffic as more trustworthy.

No matter whether it’s through a social media posts or blogs, anyone who clicks a back link and lands on your site helps to boost your referral traffic.

In order to build your own back link profile, it is good to aim for high-quality sites.  These websites have a bigger, established audience and thereby a higher chance of traffic referral.