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Google spiders find new pages by using back links as one of its methods. That’s why back links are SO important.

Google spiders use back links to find, crawl and index pages on your website, a bit like a road map.

Think about it: You’re much more likely to find a new town if it’s connected to other towns.

A small town that sits in the middle of nowhere could take a while—if you manage to discover it, at all.

Lots of back links give you a better chance of being found quickly.

That leads to faster indexing, and higher rankings, in a shorter period of time.

Because back links are Google internet navigation tools, building a library of them to your website helps to boost the average time it takes for SEO to work.

Unfortunately, Google isn’t human.  Although the algorithm was created by people, the software doesn’t have a human brain.

This is why back links are important.  To allow searchers to be pointed in the direction they need to go!

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