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Comprehension Retrieve Information – An Alien In The Shoe Shop

Comprehension retrieve information and infer. An Alien In The Shoe shop is a fun story in short sentences, using language for young children. Read the questions to retrieve information and make inferences about the story. Great for Year 1 and Year 2 readers.

Resource abstract –

It was late on Saturday. There was a noise outside the shop, everyone looked up to see what it was.

Just then, two big eyes peeped around the door. Slowly, a green alien with a long neck and a thin body crept into the shop, looking around at the shoes. He picked one up, it was a child’s pink shoe, looking at it carefully, he licked it with a long green tongue. Yuk! He pulled a face, he did not like the taste. Then he placed the shoe on his head. But when he tried to move the shoe fell on the floor. As he bent to pick up the shoe, he noticed the feet of the people in the shop. They all had some of these strange things on the end of their body.

He picked up the shoe and tried to slip his big green foot inside. But he just couldn’t fit his foot inside the hole.


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