KS2- Key Stage 2

KS2 Comes to an End

The Key Stage 2 national tests are challenging, and important for the next step to high school. They are taken in Year 2 and Year 6. This can be a stressful time for all concerned but the challenges set are worth the reward. The reward being as prepared as possible for high school. Expectations in year 6 can be high to meet the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics.

KS2 Starts in year 3 and gradually progresses through years 4,5 and into year 6.
The key to assisting your child through the challenging years of Key stage 2 is to be in contact with the teachers who assist them to their goals.

Your child's year 6 teachers will have monitored progress throughout the terms and year to conclude where they're.
Keeping in touch is key to great results and preparation for the following year.

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