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Our holiday offer of a 10% discount is for all 3 subscriptions choices from a:-
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multi-users payable annually  typically for schools with mulitple users…

                                         £ pcm         £ Annually       with 10%  offer 
Up to 05 users               15                  180                         162
Up to 10 users               30                  360                         324
Up to 20 users               60                  720                         648
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Up to 40 users              120               1400                        1260
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Our commitment to you:

We believe children should be at the centre of their learning.
We believe in quality resources over quantity.
We believe children should be inspired and enthused.
We believe in resources for ALL learners.
We believe once you try it you will love it just as much as we do!

Be inspired and put children at the ‘core’ of their learning!