Finding the right web developer has been one of the more challenging legs of this journey. We started to look at other websites from all different fields to give us a look at what is out there and to help us decide what we thought our site should look like. That’s another story!  They needed to be experienced, understanding of the education system and be prepared to go the extra mile as we were well aware that our site wasn’t going to be a popup in 10 minutes kind of site..

The team at The CyberMill have been very understanding of our needs and have built a site that is amazing to look at, very easy to use and also has a back end that we can log into to make changes as and when.
Specifically, Iain and Lyndsey have worked on our site in a very smooth and manageable fashion. There has been an enormous amount of work to get to today from March 2017.
We feel incredibly lucky to have come across Cybermill and are more than impressed with the work they have done for us. They have made this an enjoyable experience and simply brilliant.

We will continue to use their service in the future and would highly recommend.