I mean, where exactly do you start bloging with so much to say….

I must confess, I am a newbie to blog writing.  As education is in my roots and it is a true passion my blogs should be all about children, teaching and learning.  But I also would like you, my readers, to get to know me as a real person, to show you that I really do understand the pressures of teaching and being a parent in today’s education system.  I also want to show you I have managed to keep a great sense of humour (despite the teaching stress), so I will occasionally share my scatty moments too.

Being a mum and a teacher is a tough job!  So many hours spent supporting children in the classroom, creating inspiring lessons to engage and motivate, box ticking exercises to conform to today’s crazy standards  and the endless marking and annotations to show evidence and next steps of learning are all consuming tasks.  What happened to teaching being only about the children?  This model has long gone!

So having done it, lived it, had times of struggle and exhaustion and times of elation and pride, I am now in a position to pass on anything and everything I have learned.

Family should always come first, so give the children at school what you can but learn to say no, workload is excessive but we are only human, remember you need a life too and your own children remain your priority, I learnt this the hard way!