All of our existing and new customers will be excited to discover that today our new, upgraded website is born. Many months of research with our web development team and feedback from customers has given us great direction to deliver what you, the customer needs from us, to improve your customer experience.

To celebrate this launch, we are offering a great 10% discount for new sign ups. Our existing customers quickly realise this is great value for money, with 95% signing up for another year, quality and service is a key part of our business.

You told us the site was slow, we cut back on large images and nonsense navigation methods, you told us you couldn’t find the latest resources, we made the first screen show the latest resources on a rolling canvas with a large clickable image.

How about, the resources always look as if you haven’t loaded any new ones up because they are in alphabetical order, now they are loaded on each section with the latest resource followed by random circulation and a great sort by menu if you still can’t find what you need.

We’ve gone for more pastel colours and bigger captions to unclutter information pages so its quicker for you, the customer to browse, choose and print.  Downloading our resources will ignite the real curiosity to today’s young learners and help them feel the love of learning. Amazing value for all is the promise we make by providing high quality resources and presentations at very competitive prices.


Our primary educational teaching resources are a collection of specialist SEN and primary school teaching downloadable resources. They are unique, creative and in line with the current curriculum. All of these SEN and primary teaching resources have been created from the minds of our highly experienced teachers ready for classroom delivery, specifically designed to give children back their love of learning. There are a whole range of educational resources suitable for Early Years learners, to support their early learning goals. Printable activities and presentations are available for download in all areas, including literacy, numeracy, phonics, science and understanding the world.

We have been working hard to put together some of the best Roald Dahl resources you will find anywhere. Following the spirit of the Roald Dahl books, our resources are bright and colourful and beaming with inspiration, a real spoil of choice for the Roald Dahl classroom experience.

The resource production team have been saving the best of our collection ready for this relaunch of the website, covering KS1 & KS2 across the year groups, every subject is bursting with new media for you, our faithful customers to inspire learners. Don’t forget, if you can’t find what you are looking for, just fill out the contact form and we will turn to your request as our top priority.

If you are new to, I encourage you to try our free resources and plenty of free goodies on our teacher toolbox link. We hope to give you a little taste of the high quality resources available. My particular favourite is the Viking Settlers presentation along with the related resources, with fun illustrations and teaching methods.

Creativity and different thinking

With fearless imagination what could the potential be? Creativity is present in all aspects of our designs. We are curious, we are deep thinkers, we are highly reflective and we are experimental with ideas. Often ‘thinking outside the box’. Striving to think of new possibilities and new ways for children to learn the skills needed to meet the objectives of the curriculum in a more engaging and enjoyable way. To give them opportunities of deep learning experiences, when they don’t realise they are even learning. We know it is during these times that we retain most of our knowledge, learning really can be fun! We focus on quality not quantity. The learning experience really does matter for both educators and children.

Many months of brainstorming, designing and redesigning, trialling and monitoring have brought us all to this momentous day, we hope you like what we have to offer and enjoy the experience with us.

‘Let’s keep the love of learning alive’

Apple For The Teacher Team.