Its not IF it’s WHEN, you realise that this is the most important part of your online presence for holding firm a website that will stand on its own no matter how much you go up and down on search engines, no matter how much you spend on SEO, no matter how much you spend on Google adwords and specialist consultants and watch hours of seminars, videos, there is one thing that can’t change and thats a FREE LINK from my site to yours and to the next site and to the next and the next and the next and so on…….

Not sure? – Take a look at Backlinking in more detail

Want to get started, here’s what to do to start Backlinking with us.

If possible, create a new page just for us.. add these details,

Site logo or image (available upon request, please state the size)

Site Title: – Apple for the Teacher Ltd – EYFS SEN Primary Educational Resources Lesson Plans KS1 & KS2

Site hyperlink

Site short description: Primary teaching resources, SEN and primary school teaching materials available for download. KS1 KS2 EYFS Years 1 – 6 teaching educational resources

Long Description (prefered): Copy all the text in this link for our site full description

When you have created a page for us, send us an email to along with your sites, Title, Hyperlink, long or short description and we will create a fresh new page dedicated to you… Simply send us the information you would like to be published and leave the rest to us.

Take a look at this example of a live back link to Teachwire