Year 3

Moving into Year 3 marks the end of KS1 and the beginning of KS2. Learning usually moves away from the teaching of phonics and more into spelling patterns. Independence and ownership of own learning is encouraged and many subjects are also taught through topics to enhance cross-curricular learning.

Enriched Learning Experiences
Here you will find many fantastic teaching resources and ideas to support children in this initial phase of KS2. Cross-curricular ideas are available to support the teaching of various topics across other subjects, with many engaging and exciting activities to enthuse and promote independent learning. Created by teachers with the needs of children firmly at the centre. These are available to download, teach and print as and when you need them.

Below are our entire range of Year 3 resources, browse for particular subjects by using the categories listing to the left.

“Every child is a learner, every child is unique, they just don’t learn at the same pace and in the same ways”

All Year 3 resources for £21.00 for one year with an apple core subscription.

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