Year 5

Year 5 is the year where children really begin to grow as individuals and they become a little more mature. All of the knowledge and skills that have been learned so far are consolidated, which in turn should allow more confidence and independence for young learners in preparation for the transition to high school.

Enriched Learning Experiences
Here you will find many activities which allow learners to enhance what they already know and consolidate things they are unsure of. Stimulating visuals and child-friendly activities make the learning of new things exciting and engaging, whilst providing year 5 pupils the challenge needed to enthuse and inspire.

Below are our entire range of Year 5 resources created by teachers, designed to put children at the centre of their learning. Browse for particular subjects by using the categories listing to the left.

“To educate a child turns walls into doors”

All Year 5 resources for £21.00 for one year with an apple core subscription.

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