Year 6

Year 6 is the final year of KS2, the year in which learners often gain in confidence. They have a greater understanding of what they want to learn and who they are as individuals. End of year SATs testing is completed to provide an assessment of learning over the KS2 years.

Enriched Learning Experiences
Here you will find many activities which not only help year 6 learners to prepare for the SATs assessments, but they also put the learning objective into a variety of contexts. Which in turn, provides a more rounded learning experience for a range of subjects and topics in this important, memorable year.

Below are our entire range of Year 6 resources which have been designed by teachers with the learners in mind. Browse for particular subjects by using the categories listing to the left.

“When worrying about what a child may become tomorrow, remember, that child is someone today”

All Year 6 resources for £21.00 for one year with an apple core subscription.

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