“In the office we design great teaching resources”

We are a team with dedication, passion and a common goal; to put the love in learning.
We take fun seriously.  We believe children need to be enthused in their education.  We believe children should be given the tools to ignite their natural curiosity.
At Apple For The Teacher Ltd we design educational resources for schools, teachers and home educators, giving instant access at the touch of a button to child friendly printables and presentations.   We strive to inspire and enthuse learning for children and we aim to reduce the rapidly growing workload for teachers.  But not with more of the same…

Educating children with a purpose

We believe people want to connect with brands that really stand up for something.  Amazing things can happen when we remind ourselves of the purpose and meaning of education and let it guide our path and lead us to recognise what learning really is about.

We respect the qualities and uniqueness of children.  We understand that children don’t all learn in the same way, or on the same day.  We understand and recognise that children have different needs and abilities and sometimes a different approach is needed, to allow them to reach their full potential.  We understand that schools are struggling with teacher and child well being.  That is what makes us different.  That is what makes us who we are.  That is why we want to help.

Relentless in our mission to provide something that really works

Determined, passionate and fiercely loyal to what education should be about – these are the badges we wear with pride.  We design PowerPoint presentations which are created with children in mind.  Individual, bespoke, animated and engaging.  No two are the same.   We love the enthusiasm each and every one draws from the children they are meant for, giving them a deeper learning experience and a need to learn more…

We test many resources on the children they are designed for, assessing their level of engagement, taking their feedback on board, looking at the progress and how the activities enrich the learning experience of the whole child.  We care.

Creativity and different thinking

With fearless imagination what could the potential be?  Creativity is present in all aspects of our designs.  We are curious, we are deep thinkers, we are highly reflective and we are experimental with ideas.  Often ‘thinking outside the box’.  Striving to think of new possibilities and new ways for children to learn the skills needed to meet the objectives of the curriculum in a more engaging and enjoyable way.  To give them opportunities of deep learning experiences, when they don’t realise they are even learning.  We know it is during these times that we retain most of our knowledge, learning really can be fun!   We focus on quality not quantity.  The learning experience really does matter for both educators and children.

Sharing is caring

We are passionate about what we do and we want children to be passionate about their learning.  We are united in our goals.  We listen – we improve.  We care – we understand.  We share – we help each other.  We strive to make education better by doing some of the hard work for you, whilst always having the children at the very centre.

Learning to grow

In order to grow we never stop learning – in knowledge, in abilities, in expertise, in confidence and in our understanding of ourselves and others and how to better meet the needs of teachers and children.  We adapt and we change, we’re proactive and we strive to find solutions.  We love what we do and we will continue to do so…

We really do put children right at the core of their learning, because we can and because that is where they truly deserve to be!

“In the office we design great teaching resources”
“In the classroom we ignite curiosity and imagination”