Daily Planner Home Learning Template

Daily Timetable

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This is a planner template to help parents with home learning timetables, if you need to structure time for your children.  School is school and home is home, so we wouldn’t worry about enforcing school structure into home, just make learning fun and interesting.  You can do sensory activities, crafts, baking using measuring and counting, we have plenty of activities like this on here, writing shopping lists and letters.  Playing maths games.  By taking this approach, children are more likely to adjust to it and enjoy it.    If school’s have provided some activities, you can incorporate these, but don’t put pressure on children to do too much academic style learning.  Home for many children is their safe place, and this is an uncertain time when they may have worries and anxieties relating to all the changes of routine and structure and the coronavirus.  Their mental health and understanding of what is happening is therefore more important.


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